Tips for Patients: Ask Questions

Advice for Patients During Your Hospital Stay

  1. Ask LOTS of questions! It can be intimidating to ask your nurses and doctors questions when you can tell they are in a hurry, or when you feel like you have asked them the same thing before. However, patient education is a priority in healthcare. You have a RIGHT to know about your treatments and care, and you just might be surprised with how willing your nurses and doctors are to help!
  2. Write down the answers to your questions. This will help you not only remember them but can help you explain it to family and other caregivers, as well.
  3. If you don’t understand an answer, ask for clarification. I have even advised patients to have the doctor write down the name of the disease or medication so they could look up more about it later.
  4. Ask for information in writing. Nurses have access to pamphlets and resources which are aimed to help you manage your health.
  5. Write down questions BEFORE the doctor makes morning rounds. Trust me. You will be tired, overwhelmed, and not feeling your best. Make it easier for yourself by being prepared.

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